Posted by: Tony Kimra and DeVon | March 21, 2010

We’ve moved…to blogger!

I do like wordpress better, but you can’t change your background!! So I’ve moved our blog over to blogger.

Have yall seen the backgrounds I’ve made for Melodee and Kitara? I’ll make one for you if you want one, just lemme know!

Posted by: Tony Kimra and DeVon | February 28, 2010

my weight loss tips

Before I went on my diet last fall, the last time i had weighed myself was in August. We didn’t have a scale here so i just didn’t care about it. I thought i had lost like 10 lbs – at most. Tony started a diet this week so we bought a scale. turns out I’ve lost 30 lbs since last August! I haven’t weighed this since first semester of freshman year back in 2004. It’s bittersweet though because while it makes me want to exercise even more, it also makes me feel like i can eat more because i never expected to get down this low. If you want to lose weight, it is seriously SO easy. you just have to be motivated. Here’s what I did:

1. I found out how many calories my body needed a day (formula found online) and subtracted 500. That was my MAX calories i ate a day. I never watched WHAT i ate, only how much. i still had cookies and chocolate and cake, all the good stuff, you just have to leave room in your calories for it. And cut stuff out wherever you can. I stopped putting mayo on my sandwiches and that saved me at least 100 calories that meal. Just cut things wherever you can in a way that it won’t affect the integrity of your meal to where you’ll still feel hungry afterwards.
**hint: calculate your calorie needs with no exercise. that way, when you exercise, the calories you burn will be added on top of what you don’t eat rather than it already being calculated into your caloric needs.

2. EXERCISE. I started out doing anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour of yoga every day and when i got bored of that, i started going to the gym and doing the elliptical. During the transition though, i was doing yoga during devon’s nap, then the elliptical after he went to bed. double the exercise. the trick with the elliptical or treadmill, is to not freak out if you suck. I started out only being able to go for 15 minutes at a lower speed. but since i was doing it every day, i built up really quickly and ended up going on the elliptical for an hour at a higher speed. Each day i would really challenge myself to beat my mile time – even if just by a couple seconds.

3. even after you’re done dieting, keep aware of your calories. instead of eating 2 cookies, eat 1.

it really is that simple

Posted by: Tony Kimra and DeVon | February 18, 2010

not much

not much has been going on here. DeVon’s growing, getting stronger. Sometimes he can get both his feet off the ground when he jumps. He still has his new found love for snow because it means he gets to play outside. He likes throwing snowballs into the parking lot. Whenever we’re sitting down on the couch, as soon as we stand up he steals our spot. He thinks he’s so funny. We don’t have many pictures of DeVon anymore because every time I get the camera out, he stops what he’s doing and tries grabbing the camera. For Valentines, Tony and I went to a pizza place in Idaho Falls. Tony loves pizza more than any other food and I knew he’d love to try a place we’d never been to. Brittany and one of her roommates came over to watch DeVon for us. I made them each a present. I made hair clips for both of them then I also made a photo holder cube for Brittany. Pics below. Oh, and DeVon has been SO good at going to bed. He’ll freak out when I first say it’s time for bed, but it just takes him 30 seconds for it to sink in, then he gives us kisses, grabs his bottle, and walks toward his bed all by himself. its amazing! We’ll see how it goes over the next few months then maybe he’ll get a toddler bed! maybe.

right after Daddy gave him a haircut

brushing teeth

We live in a frozen tundra, but it makes for a cool picture!

one of the hair clips

Photo holder. The top paper was actually brown, but since it was just printed out on my computer, the mod podge made the ink run, but it still matched!

The other sides of the cube. the green side didnt turn out too well. guess i won't use printed out paper next time. or maybe cardstock will work

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